Butter cookies “Kliovik” with apricot flavour
(Art. 161/160)

The original combination of tasty butter biscuit with apricot jam / toffee / raspberry jam, complemented by fragrant coconut. Available weight.
With raspberry jam (wt.) – Art. 160
With apricot jam (wt.) – Art. 161

Ingredients of the product

Straight white heat flour, sugar, margarine, apple puree, treacle, coconut, corn starch, egg powder, pectin, gelling agents, baking soda, flavor "Vanilla", citric acid, flavoring "Apricot" / "Raspberry" / "Toffee", dye "Carotene". 100g Calories: 460 kcal.



Art.  160 / 161 Weight
Box weight 3 kg
Box format Screen