Cookies “Good morning!” 50g.
(Art. 807)

A classic sweet cookie with a taste of milk.

Ingredients of the product

Wheat flour, vegetable fat "Shortening" confectionery (palm oil and sunflower oil refined, deodorized, emulsifier E471, antioxidants E320, E321), sugar, milk product condensed with palm oil and sugar 8,5% fat (milk low fat, sugar , oil palm oil refined deodorized bleached milk, milk milky), lecithin soy emulsifier, rinse-offs (food soda, carbonate salt), salt, vanilla flavor. Energy value (caloric value) 100g: 1920kJ / 457kcal Nutritional value of 100 g: proteins of 6.9 g, fats of 19.5 g, carbohydrates of 67.9 g


Art. 807 Packed
Box weight 32  pcs.,/box  1.6 kg.
Box format Screen
The number of boxes in the pallet 112