Cookies “Moonlight” 170g.
(Art. 824)

Classic sugar cookies with a glazed bottom.
The cookies is decorated with glaze.

Ingredients of the product

wheat flour, confectionery glaze (25% ± 2%) (sugar, cocoa butter substitute, hydrogenated palm kernel stearin, cocoa powder, emulgators soy lecithin, E492, E476; vanillin flavor), vegetable fat "Shortening" confectionary (palm oil and sunflower oil refined, deodorized, E320, E321, antioxidants E320, E321), sugar, thickened product that contains milk with palm oil and sugar, fat content 8.5% (skimmed milk, sugar, refined bleached palm oil, milk sugar), emulgator soy lecithin, leavening agents (baking soda , sodium hydroxide salt ), sodium hloride, flavoring "Vanillin", natural colorants "Carotin". Nutrient value per 100 g Energy value per 1985 kJ / 473 kcal Fat 22,5 g of which saturates 12,8 g Carbohydrates 65,6 g of which sugars 28,7 g Protein 6,0 g Salt 0,3 g


Art. 824 Packed
Box weight 13 pcs.,/box 2,21 kg.
Box format Wrapping