Peanut dragee “Special”
(Art. 441 / 390)

Trend product!!! Selected light roasting peanuts in white confectionery glaze and crispy shell.

Ingredients of the product

Сonfectionary glaze (sugar, cocoa butter substitute hydrogenated palm kernel stearin, cocoa powder, lecithin emulsifier, stabilizer E492, E476 emulsifier, flavoring "Vanilla"), the core of roasted peanuts (31%), sugar, cocoa powder, treacle, maltodextrin , flavor "chocolate". Energy value (caloric) 100 g: 2155 kJ (515 kcal).


 Art. 441 Wrapping
Package Weight 80 g
Expiry date 6 months
Packing Package
Pieces in box 25 pc
Box weight 2 kg
Box format Carton


 Art. 390 Weight
Expiry date 3 months
Box weight 4 kg
Box format Carton