Dragee “Sea pebbles”
(Art. 2/524)

Raisins coated in powdered sugar with taste of raspberry, orange, lemon, blackcurrant and apple.

Ingredients of the product

Sugar, raisins (22%), treacle, cocoa powder, flavoring "Vanilla - cream", "Apple", "Raspberry", "Lemon", "Black currant", "Orange", dyes: E102, E124, E132, E110, E133, sunflower oil, refined, deodorized, glazed agent (beeswax). Contains coloring E102, E124, E132, E110, E133, which may have harmful effect on activity and attention of children. 100g Calories: 337 kcal


Art. 2/524 Weight
Box weight 4,0/2,0 kg
Box format Carton