Sugar cookies “Be healthy”
(Art. 289 / 409)

The leader of sales!!! Very tasty sugar cookies with taste of baked milk.
Proposal in packed format.

Ingredients of the product

Straight white wheat flour, confectioner's sugar, vegetable fat, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier, table salt, baking powder, baker’s ammonia, baking soda, flavor "Baked milk" identical to natural, acidity regulator citric acid. 100g Calories: 466


Art. 289 Wrapping
Package Weight 200 g
Packing Foil
Pieces in box 24 pc
Box weight 4,8 kg
Box format Carton


 Art. 409 Flowpack (3 – 4 pc)
Box weight 3,4 kg
Box format Carton