About us

About us

The company “Kriolit-D” respect the legal rights of consumers on food safety, and takes the position that any information relating to the health and safety of people, should be open, accessible and extremely accurate. LLC “Kriolit-D” as a socially responsible company is committed to:

do not use in the manufacture of its products potentially dangerous ingredients, which include GM products (company regularly tests the raw materials and finished products in the state specialized laboratory to control this); as fully as possible to inform consumers about the composition of their products; to promote public awareness about the connection of GMOs to health and the need for GM labeling.

The company “Kriolit-D” – one of the leading confectionery company in central Ukraine. Since 2002, the brand “Klim” appears on the market.


The company is focused on creating high-quality products, product range currently comprises more than 100 items of products, such as: jelly beans, sweets, cookies, marshmallows, jujube, toffees, sorbets, sesame seed brittle, wafer rolls.


Production TM “Klim” is based on saving the best traditions of confectionery skills in a harmonious combination with the latest technology.


Many of the products on the market TM “Klim” are made according to innovative technologies.


Confectionery  TM “Klim” is widely known and loved by many customers. TM Klim products are sold in Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Greece, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Israel, Latvia, Georgia, Canada, South Korea, Egypt.


We manufacture our products using modern equipment (production: Italy, Czech Republic, Germany) clearly observe the production technology, use only high-quality and raw materials! This is the advantage and a factor of attractiveness of TM “Klim”.

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