Sherbet “Nut sausage” (SKU 194)

Favorite delicacy of children and adults !!! Especially delicate taste of the product. Sausage based on condensed milk, sugar, and roasted peanuts. Great snack! The weight product is packed in fluopack film. Sausage “Nut Novelty” in the form of two tubes, packed in a film “fluopack”

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Sugar, condensed milk product with palm oil and sugar 8.5% fat (skim milk, sugar, refined deodorized palm oil, milk sugar), fried peanut kernel (not less than 14%), molasses, refined deodorized palm oil, flavor “Milk “. Energy value (caloric content) 100 g: 1746 kJ / 417 kcal. Nutritional value of 100 g: proteins 7.3 g, fats 14.7 g, carbohydrates 66.2 g.


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